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Steve Porter
Founder & CEO

Steve's journey in the health and fitness industry started at FSU playing rugby then transferred to Life University where he pursued nutrition and began selling supplements out of his college dorm room. In 1995, he opened his first shop, laying the foundation for what would become All About Health. Nearly 30 years later, Steve has grown the business into a full-service health and wellness provider with two locations. His unwavering focus on exceptional customer service and dedication to helping clients achieve their health goals have been the cornerstones of All About Health's success.

Stacey Porter
Clinic Director / Partner

With over 32 years of experience in business development and operations, Stacey has been a driving force behind All About Health. Fitness has been her passion since her early teens, and she leads an active and healthy lifestyle. Stacey's primary focus is on meeting the needs of customers and ensuring exceptional service and efficiency. She firmly believes that "Our business is about the people. After all, without you, we wouldn't exist." Her dedication to customer satisfaction and operational excellence makes her an invaluable asset to the team.

Connor Porter
Nutritional Coach / Manager

Connor grew up around All About Health, making it an integral part of his life from a young age. He started his career in personal training and served as a head coach at Orange Theory Fitness. With experience on both the training and nutrition sides, Connor has found his true passion in helping others reach their nutritional goals. Currently halfway through earning his certification as a nutrition coach, he is dedicated to guiding clients through balanced diets and personalized nutrition plans.

Mike Abbott
Vitamin & Supplement Specialist

Mike has been with All About Health since its beginnings, starting at the young age of 16. Over the years, he has grown into a key role, always keeping the customer first. Known for his personable approach, Mike greets everyone with a smile and knows clients by name. His dedication to exceptional customer service makes him an integral part of the All About Health team.

Cheryl Hunsberger
Sound Wave Therapy Specialist

Cheryl Hunsberger's journey into soundwave therapy began after the birth of her first son, when she was diagnosed with osteomyelitis. Facing multiple surgeries and the possibility of losing her leg due to recurrent infections, Cheryl discovered the benefits of soundwave therapy for its antimicrobial, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. This therapy saved her leg and ignited her passion for the science behind it. As a stay-at-home mom, Cheryl gradually pursued training and certification in soundwave therapy, turning it into her life's work. Today, she is dedicated to helping others experience the healing benefits of soundwave therapy at All About Health.

Darcie Roddy
Senior Medical Assistant - Health Consultant

Darcie Roddy brings over a decade of experience in hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and personal training to her role at the clinic, specializing in testosterone therapy and IV infusion treatments since 2017. Skilled in all facets of clinic operations, including blood draws, peptide sales, and patient counseling, Darcie also oversees clinical training and inventory. Her background as a Health and Wellness Director and 30 years as a nutritional consultant have deeply informed her approach to patient care. Darcie's extensive clinical expertise and dedication to health education make her an invaluable asset to both her team and her patients.

Ashley Lowe

Ashley Lowe, a Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA) with a stellar academic record, joined All About Health in 2023. Born in Fairfax, Virginia, and raised in Atlanta, Ashley graduated with a 4.0 in Nursing and has a diverse background in healthcare, including an externship at Marietta Medical Center and experience as a CMA in urology. She holds certifications from the National Healthcare Association, CPR, HIPAA, and NSC Bloodborne and Airborne Pathogens safety. Outside of her professional life, Ashley is a mother of two and has a rich history in athletics, including gymnastics and cheerleading.

Vaughn Harris
Nutritional Coach

Vaughn’s journey in fitness began at age 8 with football, playing through college at Tusculum University. After football, he discovered his passion for weight training and bodybuilding. Over the past three and a half years, Vaughn has competed in six shows, transforming his physique from 160 to 230 pounds. This year, he started nutritional coaching, specializing in weight gain for athletes. Vaughn's dedication and proven results make him an excellent coach to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Caleb Henson

Caleb Henson, a Georgia native from Gainesville, brings a wealth of medical and wellness expertise to All About Health. After graduating from the University of Georgia in 2001 and earning his Master's in Health Sciences from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2011, Caleb began his career at Gwinnett Urgent Care and Lanier Urgent Care. In 2019, he founded Braselton Urgent Care, expanding to Duluth and Cumming with a successful Wellness and Aesthetics division. Caleb's passion for patient care and holistic wellness aligns perfectly with All About Health's mission. He is also a devoted father to four children and has two beloved puppies.

Larry Schadler

Dr. Larry Schadler grew up on a fruit and vegetable farm in southwest Michigan and began his professional journey as a commercial diver. He later returned to academia, earning multiple degrees including an Associate's of Science, a Bachelor's of Science in Human Biology, and a Doctor of Chiropractic from The National College of Chiropractic in 1995. With over 27 years of clinical chiropractic experience, Dr. Schadler has treated thousands of patients, from children to seniors. At All About Health, he combines scientific evaluation with the manual art of chiropractic adjustment to restore normal function and alleviate pain. Dr. Schadler is married with three boys and enjoys exercise, nutrition, theology, and Western history. His expertise and dedication to patient care make him a valuable member of the All About Health team.

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