vitamin IV infusions
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Custom Vitamin Infusions Tailored to Your Needs

Elevate Your Well-being

Revitalize and rejuvenate with our personalized vitamin infusions that deliver essential nutrients directly to your bloodstream for maximum impact.
Enhanced Immune Function
Increased Energy Levels
Improved Mood & Cognitive Function
Myers Cocktail
High Vitamin C Infusion
Glutathione Push
Immune Boost

Direct Benefits for Faster Results

Unlike oral supplements, our vitamin infusions provide immediate absorption and faster benefits.

our iv's & shots

Myer's Cocktail
A powerful blend of vitamins and minerals including Vitamin C, B Vitamins, and Magnesium. Ideal for boosting overall wellness.
Glutathione Push
An antioxidant powerhouse to detoxify your body and promote brighter, healthier skin.
High Vitamin C Infusion
Concentrated Vitamin C to bolster your immune system and antioxidant levels.
Immune Boost
Fortify your immune system with our specialized blend of nutrients tailored to fight off illness and fatigue.
B12 Shots
Vitamin B12 shots are injections that contain high doses of cyanocobalamin or methylcobalamin, forms of B12. These shots are used to quickly elevate B12 levels in individuals who have deficiencies due to diet or absorption issues.
Mega Burn Shots
Mega Burn shots typically contain a blend of lipotropic agents and B vitamins. These shots are designed to help enhance liver function and increase the breakdown of fat.
Semaglutide Shots
Semaglutide is a medication approved for treating type 2 diabetes but is also used for weight loss. The shots are administered subcutaneously once a week.
NAD is crucial for converting food into energy as a key player in metabolism, helping to maintain overall cellular health and function.
NAD+ supports DNA repair, regulates protein interactions for cellular health, and plays a role in extending cell life, thereby influencing aging and disease processes.


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